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Larry GoodbodySome articles that may be of interest.... these will be added to on a regular basis, with the content written by me.

  • Is Bigger Better? - Big isn't necessarily good ... good is good! So what size is perfection?
    read more
  • What is Body Building? - Before we can construct and suggest diets that would be suitable for this sport we have to decide if we have a realistic understanding of what bodybuilding is and why people do it. read more

  • 10 Tips for a Body Beautiful - Get Educated!!, Eat frequent quality meals, Ensure that your protein intake is adequate ... and for the rest of Cain's 10 tips read more

  • The Importance of Optimum Nutrition - nutrition is not taught in schools, at home, by the media or even our doctors! It is up to the individual to take the initiative to learn, to gain knowledge on the complexity of optimum nutrition and its wide range of benefits. read more

  • What is Creatine? - Creatine is a compound that is naturally synthesised in the body from certain amino acids, namely arginine, methionine and glycine. Many sports people, from serious athletes to recreational trainers, now use various forms of creatine supplementation to enhance their training and contest performance. read more

  • Pregnancy Training - One of my clients recently gave birth to a little boy (hiya Sidney!) and she was back in the gym four weeks later looking great! This is mainly due to the fact that she was working out in the gym, doing weights, cardio work and flexibility, up until the week before the birth. read more

  •  Cain and a couple of big guys down in Temple Gym What is "Core Stability"? - Core stability enables us to control the forces generated by movements of the trunk and those of the arms and the legs. It optimises the forces generated by giving a strong connective link between the upper and lower body, and as such negates the need for inappropriate muscle groups to be recruited. read more

  • Some of my Recent Clients... - View some of Cain's recent clients here

  • Supplements and the Immune System - I'm sure everyone who has been training for a while has experienced the frustration of catching a cold (or some other unwanted ailment). I see a lot of competitors get run down just before a show…so what should you do? read more


  • Overtraining Syndrome - Reduced performance and undue tiredness are quite common complaints among athletes and gym attendees. They often worry about losing the level of performance and fitness that they have worked so hard to achieve. read more

  • Exercise Order - An effective exercise regime should achieve results (sounds pretty obvious!) but so many don't. read more

  • The Dangers of Sugar - Sugar can suppress the immune system, Sugar can upset the body's natural mineral balance,Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration difficulties and crankiness in children read more
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything
- George Bernard Shaw


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