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 FIA - Fitness Industry Association  BCMA - British Complimentary Medicine Association


The clients listed here are all top level athletes in their particular sport.
The majority of my clients are members of the general public and the regimes given are for more basic fitness goals and health enhancement. I treat all clients with the same respect and level of attention to detail - be they a one off consultation or a world record holder.

Past _ Present Clients Include:


Loana Muttoni
NABBA World _ Universe Fitness Champion 2005

Andi Black - Ms Fitness Britain _ Ms Fitness Universe

Joey Bull - 4 times Ms. Fitness Great Britain

Adele Gibbon
ANB UK Overall Figure Champion

Nicky Fogarty - NABBA Ms Figure West Midlands and EFBB Ms Figure North West
Lohani Rochi - 3 times Ms. Physique G.B. _ Professional Body Builder
Alexandra Tumolo - Ms. Fitness _ Personal Trainer
Mark Povey - West Mids. Bodybuilding Champion _ Novice Mr. Britain
Mark Turvey - W.P.F. senior European Body Building Championship
Julie Crane - G.B. _ Wales (4 x Welsh champion) Int. High Jumper

World Class Ballroom Dancers

Angela Grimmer - 3rd Ms. Physique G.B. 2000

Warren Dyson - Mr. U.K. Bodybuilding Champion
Jackie Jackson - A.N.B. Natural Competitor
Gary King - British, European _ World Champion Power-lifter
Katie Evans - G.B. International Triple Jumper
Sandi Birkett - W.A.B.B.A. World Champion
Zoe Higton - Model promotions girl
Simon Fan - Leading British Bodybuilder
Adam Williams - Junior Swimming Champion
Tereska Browning - 2002 Heavyweight _ Overall British Body Building Champion
Jason - British Body Building Championships Finalist
George Gallagher- NABBA 1st Timers Mr. Britain 2002
Nicole Pitcher - Ms Fitness G.B. and Ms Fitness Universe
Davie White - Natural Masters Competitor
Nicola Elding - British Powerlifting Champion
Victoria Keavney - as featured in "Best" women's magazine
Catherine Skinner - completed 1st marathon in 4 hours 15 mins
Dennis Francis - IFBB Professional Body builder!
Ian, Peter and Miles - trying hard!
Sue (Pink) Kennedy - EFBB British Championships finalist 2003
Corrina Martin
EPF Ms UK and Ms Figure Midlands Champion
Ruth Cook - 2nd Ms. Fitness G.B. 1999
Peter Lawson - West Midlands 1st Timers Champion
Darren Gumbs - British Championships Junior class Runner Up
Leamington Spa qualifier
 Hazel - Senior Nurse Practitioner
 Hazel - Senior Nurse Practitioner
Hazel - Senior Nurse Practitioner. Shown here at 22st 4lbs at end of 2001...
... Hazel - Senior Nurse Practitioner. Shown here at 15st

Jacqui Miller - 2nd Ms. Fitness G.B. 2000

......   and lots, lots more

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams



CAIN ON TV: 'How to Sleep Better' 8pm BBC1 Feb 2nd 2005

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