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Cain Leathem"gb muscle" is a more hardcore bodybuilding spin off from my main business/site - gb fitness. There are many people that are, unfortunately, in the health and fitness industry because it is "in vogue". They see it as a quick way of making money, often taking advantage of people's insecurities. Due to this mentality they are poorly, if at all, qualified to deal with the complexity of issues that may arise.

This is also true in the world of bodybuilding, with many of the supplement companies being the worst offenders - selling very poor quality products by false advertising claims.I have even had clients of mine used to promote these products when they have never used them!!This I see as an insult to their, and my, hard work and dedication.actively supports and promotes body building Also bodybuilding "gurus" who may have built great physiques for themselves but have no idea of how to help others - we are all individuals so it is not a one-program-suits-all system!

I pride myself on the comprehensive range of academic studies that I have undertaken and utilised in my practical experience Don't ever underestimate the use of sound scientific knowledge in the preparation of a contest winning physique - it is why my clients have been so successful!

  • Clients with medical issues - I have assisted clients with medical issues following referrals from osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors and such.
  • Athletes - I am well known and respected for my knowledge on exercise principles and sports nutrition and as such have been employed by athletes of many disciplines including:
    •  Cain and Warren with his Mr UK trophy champion bodybuilders
    • fitness competitors
    • footballers
    • martial artists
    • swimmers
    • ballroom dancers
    • track and field athletes
  • Everybody - These clients may seem to have specialist requirements but their immediate concern is optimum health and well-being - surely a desire for all of us!

I have succeeded in providing fat-loss programs for clients who have failed to achieve success elsewhere by formulating "lifestyle" plans for continuing results rather than a quick fix. I have taken bodybuilders and fitness contestants from beginners through to becoming champions. I have taken national champions to a level where they have achieved their dream - that elusive professional card!

All of this experience leads me to believe that there is too much misinformation available. I cannot change this situation but what I hope to achieve is to make quality services more available.

  • Recommendations:
    I aim to do this by offering recommendations for complimentary professionals in the fields of health, fitness and well-being. These will include:
    • Osteopaths
    • Chiropractors
    • Massage Therapists
    • Nutritional Outlets
    • Health Clubs etc.

that I have personally interacted with and would recommend to my own clients.

  • My Own Services
    Additionally I will be offering my own services including
    • consultations for nutritional advice and personal training regimes as well as
    • training for other professionals wishing to expand on their knowledge - such as the N.A.B.B.A. gym instructor courses.
    • Competition preparation is an area of specialism for me, why train for years to go through the discomfort of a pre-contest diet and then still compete in poor condition. You should treat every contest as an opportunity to show yourself at your best - so employ the best!

This site is to be continually updated.

I would like to hear your views on what you feel would enhance the site given my format…

Feel free to e-mail me at cain@gbfitness.com

Please call back soon to access the very best in health and fitness services!


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