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 GB Fitness Master Trainers


'Master Trainers’ are to be the very best of GB Fitness trainers with skills in client appraisal, assessment procedures, program setting and training for many disciplines and goals, nutritional advice and presentation skills. As such all positions are by invite only, and pre-requisite for selection includes having completed the Advanced Gym Instructors course, the Advanced Personal Trainers course, the Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimum Health and well as additional personal skills. The aim of this group of highly skilled and articulate professionals is to inspire and motivate, to educate and progress this industry that is sadly being saturated by ‘quick-fix’ staff that do not lead us into the future of health … our mission here at GB Fitness is a holistic approach to advancing mind, body and ‘self’ potential.  

Susan White
GB Fitness Master Trainer

I have been successfully running my own Personal Training and Nutrition Advice business for the last 12 months and am now honoured to be the only GB Fitness Master Trainer in Scotland.  All of this has been achieved while holding down a full time job.  I can therefore identify with and relate to the busy and demanding lifestyles that my clients lead.   

My clients vary from life time couch potatoes to competitive body builders.  I believe that the assistance that I provide to people is over and above that provided by most personal trainers.  My consultations are fully personalised to the client and include a full support service for the days between consultations.  Coming from a pharmaceutical background also means that I have a wide knowledge of illness, medication and its side effects.  This therefore is also taken into consideration when construction a Personal Fitness/Nutrition Plan. 

Based in the Falkirk area of Central Scotland I travel up to 30 miles for consultations with clients.  This can be in their own home, at a convenient gym or weather permitting, at the local park. 

Using a technique known as bio-electrical impedence (Bodystat analysis) all clients have their body composition measured to assess their fat, muscle and fluid levels.  Along with a full medical and exercise history this allows us to set measurable/achievable objectives to meet their personal goals.  Plans involve guidance on nutrition, supplementation, exercise: types, intensity, duration and frequency. All with some motivation/nagging thrown in for good measure, of course!  However, it is also about providing the individual with the knowledge to make their own choices/decisions regarding “diet” and lifestyle, between sessions. 

Good nutrition and fitness are essential for a long and healthy life.  The service I provide will help you achieve your personal fitness goals as the photos and testimonials from current clients will affirm. CLICK HERE FOR TESTIMONIALS


Davie “Shrek” White – Bodybuilding (natural) Masters Competitor

'When I have been ready to throw in the towel Susan has also given me belief in myself to carry on, regardless!'

Read Davie's AMAZING full testimonial here!



Diane Youdale
GB Fitness Master Trainer

CPD For The Total Instructor


Motivating the Motivator – 2 day Course

Increasing client base is always an area of contention for some very skilled and knowledgeable instructors and Personal Trainers.  This is often more a case for good marketing and ideally for best efficacy, referrals from those you have already helped to create marked and lasting changes in the lives. Essentially and very strictly ‘proof of the pudding (not that we at GB Fitness endorse puddings!!!)…’ etc.

GB Pilates - 2 Day Course 

The two day Pilates CPD course is for qualified instructors/personal trainers and group exercise teachers.  The aim is for these Fitness Professionals to have a thorough working knowledge (theory and skills) of a small range of key Pilates Mat work moves.  Most clients want to do some maintenance at home.  The anatomical clarity, ease and benefit of these vital moves enables your client’s to align, strengthen and assist themselves in their training goals.  Because Core Stability is at the heart of Pilates work your client’s building blocks of training goals stand on firmer foundations.  The rehabilitative and realignment aspects of the model are a perfect compliment to any training programme that has intense fitness or sporting goals.  The ease and lack of equipment adds to the attraction to learning to teach these basic moves well.  You will not be a fully qualified Pilates Instructor but will find you can safely add these moves in on your client programme and expand your ability to grow in a different teaching style which will boost your confidence and motivate you to be creative with your client programmes.  You will be gaining 16 CPD points.


Motivating the Motivator

Want to feel more motivated to achieve your own professional and personal goals?  Like the thought of being inspired and being in flow?  Imagine how this impacts on your client’s world!  We can only give what we’ve got.  If you know you run on empty sometimes and feel like you’d like to find ways of maintaining your inspirational flow and keep motivated to complete the goals you set then over the two day period you’ll gain a psychological insight into ‘where you are now’ where you want to go and the benefit this will have on client’s experience of your time with them.  Also, learn methods to deal with the complexities you face at times with client expectations and boundaries on your time and space for a work life balance difficult to strike at times because of the hours the industry demands.  Up dated knowledge and changes worth knowing about from the fields of training methods and nutrition are also explored.  You will be gaining 16 CPD points.

Everything you need to know and grow with on this motivating two days.



GB Cardio Choreography for the Instructor

With the Les Mill’s successful ‘BTS’ Body Training system programmes many class based instructors now find they have the creative work done for them.  The actual planning, balancing and structuring of material is pre-prescribed.  Freestyle, self engineered material is making a comeback as some centres and clubs decide to not continue with prescriptive classes.  An instructor may increasingly need to become independent and autonomous in producing their own work.  This will mean being able to pull together material aerobic moves, dance genres and basic strength and sculpt based moves to produce interesting and fun classes.  The actual choreography of such material is not that hard. Music is a great motivator and source of inspiration for you and your class and must not be under estimated.   On this two day GB Choreography for the Instructor you will learn to:

  • Phrase and understand music (instructors already comfortable with this may learn to be more adventurous with phrasing and atmosphere creation)
  • Understand timings and tempos for relevant class client conditioning goals.
  • Use themes and influences to ‘flavour’ movement quality
  • Be more accommodating of multilevel teaching and adaptations
  • Balance, build and flow the material with optimum ease

Build on your teaching ability to further inspire and motivate by the magic tool you have called the voice!

Click here for more on Diane

Click here for Diane's CV




Latest Master Trainer - MATTHEW GUNN
Greater Manchester and Cheshire

"Health and fitness has always played an important role in my life. Throughout my teens I swam competitively and scuba dived recreationally, eventually becoming a Padi Instructor. This gave me the opportunity to travel and work abroad, instructing in Australia and East Africa. I relished the challenge and satisfaction gained from teaching new divers and the responsibilities faced when leading teams of experienced scuba enthusiasts on more adventurous dives.

Matt (Right) training one of his clients!

On my return to the UK I decided to further my life long interest in exercise and healthy living by becoming a personal trainer and nutrition advisor. My training with GB Fitness and seven years of personal experience has put me in an excellent position to train, advise and motivate my clients.


I work as a GB Fitness Master Trainer covering the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. I am based at a gym in the city centre of Manchester but will also travel to your home or gym to suit you.
When working with new clients, initially I carry out a comprehensive consultation, this includes a health check, body stat analysis and discussion covering your goals and ambitions, nutritional practices and exercise regime. This process insures that I am aware of the complete picture and am able to tailor an individual exercise, nutrition and supplementation plan with your requirements in mind.
Whatever your goals, be they to loose fat and tone up, increase strength and muscle size, sports specific training or just to get fit and have fun, I can help you to achieve them.
I have recently started to work with local businesses and councils offering health checks, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition advice to employees. I do not believe in a one size fits all mentality when devising programmes or nutrition plans and constantly update my knowledge base to keep things fresh and interesting.
If you are struggling to make progress, feel that your training is getting a little stale or you are looking to take the plunge for the first time and make some big changes I will provide you with everything you need to make it happen. I offer a complete, multi dimensional
service that doesn't just end when you walk out of the gym".



Latest Master Trainer - Rick Gannon
Lancashire and North West

Rick Gannon - Master Trainer

have been actively involved in Health and Fitness for over 15 years. I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach and as such have transformed myself into a British Champion Natural Bodybuilder. Other sports I have competed in at high level include Martial Arts, Rugby and Football.
I strive to be the best trainer that I can be so as to offer the best possible service to my clients and work hard to help them achieve the results that they desire. This philosophy is what led me to study with Cain Leathem and GB Fitness and it is an honour to be selected as one of the very few GB Fitness 'Master Trainers'.
My client base is very varied, helping people from all backgrounds and ability levels. I have worked on projects within schools, in weight management and fat loss groups, the prison service and with young offenders up to athletes including professional boxer Wayne Rigby and model Louise Thompson (see testimonial below). Through this diversity I have learnt varied skills that can be applied to help anybody with their goal of optimum health, fitness and vitality.
My Qualifications:
GB Fitness/NABBA Advanced Gym Instructor
GB Fitness/BCMA Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimum Health
BSY Personal Training Diploma
WMC Optimum Nutrition for Health
WMC Sports Nutrition
Boxercise Instructor
Kickboxing Instructor
G.P. Referral Consultant
My Services Include:
Personal Training
Group Exercise
Nutrition Consultations
Weight Management Groups
Health Analysis
I am based in the Rochdale area but am happy to arrange sessions within surrounding areas.
Telephone - 07957 174776


..."Having trained with Rick for the past 6 months I have seen the positive changes in both my physique and strength levels. Rick is a very honest, professional and knowledgeable person who motivates and educates his clients. His attitude to all his clients is thorough and his approach to helping me in the gym as well as with my nutrition has helped me achieve the results that I have."


Louise Thompson




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A great mass and strength builder, especially for back and legs.