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Cain training with Lohani Rochi

Personal training generally takes the form of one-to-one exercise education and supervision. This is carried out following a face to face consultation to assess the clients' goals, health history and exercise background etc.


The training can take place either at a gym that the client is currently a member of or at a suitable location that is convenient.

 Cain lends a helping hand to a struggling client The structure of the workouts can vary but generally consist of:

  • Resistance (weight) training
  • Functional training - which includes postural assessment and correction techniques
  • Strength and conditioning for sports
  • Cardio-vascular conditioning and stretching.

I strongly recommend that we look at each of these aspects, as they are all vital to the progression of the client's overall fitness and well-being.

From here we specialise the program depending on the client's specific goals be it -

  • Fat-Loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sports performance development
  • or whatever...

I pride myself on instruction and supervision of correct technique and form in all movements - be they stretches or actual exercises. I have lectured at a national level on this topic and have exposed the fact that many of the movements taught at present may actually be dangerous and ineffective. Be sure to employ an expert to teach you correct technique!

it would be a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable - Socrates


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A great mass and strength builder, especially for back and legs.