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Approved by:
 FIA - Fitness Industry Association  BCMA - British Complimentary Medicine Association


Courses offered include:

  • One day workshops - click for details

  • Sports nutrition certificate course

  • Qualifications for gym instructors / Advanced trainers certificates

    Click here for details of the course that received the following praise...

    I am writing to thank you for the excellent GB FITNESS/NABBA Instructors Course. I am privileged to have experienced the high level of intsruction that you offer and feel that the course will hugely benefit all participants but more importantly the whole fitness Industry. Your knowledge is outstanding and teaching techniques inspirational.
    Nicky Elding - Jnr ANB Miss Britain x 3, NABBA Miss North East, Open Miss Anglia, NABBA Britain and Universe Contestant, British BAWLA Powerlifting Champion

    Click here to see some well known names that have qualified as trainers with my courses:

    Lynsey Beattie - NABBA Ms Fitness G.B.
    Julie Crane - G.B. International High Jumper
    Charles Clairemont - Professional IFBB Body Builder and 3 x Mr Universe
    Dave Poole - Leading British Amatuer Body Building
     Tereska Browning - 2002 Heavyweight _ Overall British Body Building Champion
     Dennis Francis - IFBB Professional Body builder!

  • Advanced nutrition

    A brand new Nutrition Course has just been written to cover all the information to help you construct healthy eating plans for you and your clients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amounts required, interactions and effects on health and body composition. Also included: details on drug interactions, digestive system and much more.

    Click Here for full details.

  • Who has attended the courses in the past?

    Previous students have ranged from complete beginners to teachers and health professionals as well as elite athletes such as:
  •  Charles Clairmonte – 4 x Mr Universe and leading IFBB Pro

  • Andi Black – NABBA Ms Fitness Great Britain _ Ms Fitness Universe and WFF Ms Universe 2004,

  •  NPA Trained Figure _ Overall British Champion and UIBBN Ms World 2004, Ms Fitness Expo and Overall Ms Expo 2005

  •  Julian Golley – Commonwealth Games Triple Jump  Gold Medal winner

  •  Stevie Smith – World IBC Boxing Champion

  •  Luke Crawley – G.B. International High Jumper

  • Julie Crane – G.B. _ Wales (4 x Welsh champion) Int. High Jumper

  • Tim Rosiek –  Jnr Mr World Runner Up 2004

  • Tereska Browning – Overall British Female Body Building Champ 2002

  • Nicola Elding – BAWLA British Powerlifting Champion

  • Ruben Tabares – G.B. 400metre Sprinter/Hurdler

  • Dennis Francis – British Body Building Champion and IFBB Professional

  • Adele Gibbon – ANB Ms Figure UK 2003 and NPA Ms Trained Figure UK 2004

  • Corrina Martin – NABBA Midlands Figure Champion and EPF Ms Figure UK 2004

  • Neil Campbell – Olympic Sprint Cyclist

  • Ben Flint – G.B. International Pole Vaulter

  • Dan Donovan – GB International 400 metre sprinter

  • Kirsty Kent – NPA Female Physique UK, British and World Champion 2004

  • Leonard St Cyr - IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

  • Calvyn Hobday - Ironman Competitor


Diane Youdale
GB Fitness Master Trainer Instructs:

CPD For The Total Instructor
Increasing client base is always an area of contention for some very skilled and knowledgeable instructors and Personal Trainers.  This is often more a case for good marketing and ideally for best efficacy, referrals from those you have already helped to create marked and lasting changes in the lives. Essentially and very strictly ‘proof of the pudding (not that we at GB Fitness endorse puddings!!!)…etc


GB Pilates - 2 Day Course 

The two day Pilates CPD course is for qualified instructors/personal trainers and group exercise teachers.  The aim is for these Fitness Professionals to have a thorough working knowledge (theory and skills) of a small range of key Pilates Mat work moves.  Most clients want to do some maintenance at home.  The anatomical clarity, ease and benefit of these vital moves enables your client’s to align, strengthen and assist themselves in their training goals.  Because Core Stability is at the heart of Pilates work your client’s building blocks of training goals stand on firmer foundations.  The rehabilitative and realignment aspects of the model are a perfect compliment to any training programme that has intense fitness or sporting goals.  The ease and lack of equipment adds to the attraction to learning to teach these basic moves well.  You will not be a fully qualified Pilates Instructor but will find you can safely add these moves in on your client programme and expand your ability to grow in a different teaching style which will boost your confidence and motivate you to be creative with your client programmes.  You will be gaining 16 CPD points.

Motivating the Motivator

Want to feel more motivated to achieve your own professional and personal goals?  Like the thought of being inspired and being in flow?  Imagine how this impacts on your client’s world!  We can only give what we’ve got.  If you know you run on empty sometimes and feel like you’d like to find ways of maintaining your inspirational flow and keep motivated to complete the goals you set then over the two day period you’ll gain a psychological insight into ‘where you are now’ where you want to go and the benefit this will have on client’s experience of your time with them.  Also, learn methods to deal with the complexities you face at times with client expectations and boundaries on your time and space for a work life balance difficult to strike at times because of the hours the industry demands.  Up dated knowledge and changes worth knowing about from the fields of training methods and nutrition are also explored.  You will be gaining 16 CPD points.

Everything you need to know and grow with on this motivating two days.



GB Cardio Choreography for the Instructor

With the Les Mill’s successful ‘BTS’ Body Training system programmes many class based instructors now find they have the creative work done for them.  The actual planning, balancing and structuring of material is pre-prescribed.  Freestyle, self engineered material is making a comeback as some centres and clubs decide to not continue with prescriptive classes.  An instructor may increasingly need to become independent and autonomous in producing their own work.  This will mean being able to pull together material aerobic moves, dance genres and basic strength and sculpt based moves to produce interesting and fun classes.  The actual choreography of such material is not that hard. Music is a great motivator and source of inspiration for you and your class and must not be under estimated.   On this two day GB Choreography for the Instructor you will learn to:

  • Phrase and understand music (instructors already comfortable with this may learn to be more adventurous with phrasing and atmosphere creation)
  • Understand timings and tempos for relevant class client conditioning goals.
  • Use themes and influences to ‘flavour’ movement quality
  • Be more accommodating of multilevel teaching and adaptations
  • Balance, build and flow the material with optimum ease


Michael Grice - GB Fitness Tutor

adds further Qualification Courses to the best training provider you can INVEST in!!!

  • GB Spin

  • Lifeguard Training

  • First Aid

Mikes background:


Education/Training:               BA (Hons) Hospitality and Leisure Management

                                                7305 Teacher Training

                                                7407 Stage 1 Teacher Training

                                                GNVQ Leisure and Tourism

                                                Fitness Knowledge

                                                First Aid Instructor

                                                Lifeguard Instructor

                                                Gym Instructor

                                                CIEH Advanced Health and Safety Certificate

                                                CIEH Professional Trainer Certificate

Pool Plant Operator


Relevant Work Experience:


  • General Manager: LA Fitness, Kings Heath, Birmingham
  • Group Trainer: LA Fitness, Aldgate, London
  • Operations Manager: Cannons Health Club, Cannock, Staffordshire
  • Health and Safety Regional Manager, Cannons, Midlands
  • Fitness Instructor: Livingwell, Esporta, Topnotch, Cannons, Courtneys


Mike's Courses on offer are:

  • GB Spin:
    The course looks at Bike set up, Bike techniques, Class profiles, Energy Zones, Heart rate training, Planning a class, Music interpretation. Students will be expected to choreograph a track for their own assessment. The delegates will be able to teach a begginers spin class after their assessment.
    • First Aid Appointed Person: 6 Hrs: Covers Basic First Aid - Bleeding, Adult CPR, Broken Bones and action in an emergency
    •  Emergency First Aid: 3Hrs - CPR on adults Only.
    • Paediatric First Aid: 6 Hrs - CPR for Baby and Child. Basic first aid including - epilepsy, bleeding and fractures.
    • Lifeguard Training.

    Be sure to pop back and see us soon for further details ... VERY SOON!

  • Also now available GB Kick Boxing

    For Personal Trainers to learn CORRECT techniques and skills for stance, applied offensive and defensive kick boxing combinations, conditioning and pad work.

    Your tutor is a 'real' fighter and champion ... Colin 'Solid' Treasure. Here at GB Fitness we believe in offering you the very best. Your investment in education and in us will be honoured and as such the team we have assembled for you is of the very highest standard and each of your tutors have a proven track record of outstanding results working with a client base from beginners to Elite athletes and International Champions, rather than just paper based theory like so many others!

    Colin "Solid" Treasure.

    The founder and 3rd Degree Chief Instructor of Aero-Kick, a proud promoter of his sport, Colin has made it his business to gain extensive knowledge using a scientific sporting approach to enhance athletic performance. Having completed his Sports Science degree, the combination of his studies and his professional fighting championship experience has set Colin in good stead for his position with GB Fitness. 

    His theoretical and practical applied coaching philosophies enable him to offer a unique style of instruction like no other. Having fought all over the World, Ireland, Germany, Russia against top opposition his professional record stands at 33 fights, 29 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses. 20 knockouts, obtaining titles at Welter, Super Welter, and Light Middleweight.

    Colin's latest venture was competing in Sky One's "Britain's Hardest". He represented himself  in a true hardcore and unyielding fashion that is typical of Colins work ethic ... he gives it his all and his teaching is a passion for him.



... many of these are also personal clients of Cains, his history of advising Champions is unrivalled...

WHO is educating YOU???

Ms Athletic UK Champion
Commonwealth Triple jump Champion
Ms Athletic UK Champion
Commonwealth Triple jump Champion

For details on all training courses call or email:

Cain - 07961 346461

Courses to be held locally

Invest in yourself - surely you are worth it??

 BCMA - British Complimentary Medicine Association

 FIA - Fitness Industry Association

GB Fitness is registered as an Independent Educational College with the British Complimentary Medicine Association and its students are welcomed to register there services with the B.C.M.A.
GB Fitness is an Educational Member of the FIA and its students are eligible for individual membership.


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