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GB Fitness Introduces New Master Trainers
Matt Gunn _ Rick Gannon!!


FOR 2006......


February 4/5/18/19th inc. plus exam on the 26th February
April 15/16/22/23rd inc plus exam to be arranged
January 28/29th, February 11/12/25/26th inc.
March 4/5/25/26th and April 1/2nd
...more dates to be arranged so please call or pop back SOON!


  • Kevin Skelland  -
    New NPA British Heavyweight Champion!
    and UIBBN Mens 85kg World Champion!

    Congratulations Kev!

  • Diane Youdale joins GB Fitness and introduces New Qualification Courses...
    they include GB Pilates, GB Cardio Choreography, NLP and Motivational Techniques for the Personal Trainer Toolkit and more!

    click here for details

    John Dietrich


  • New GB Fitness tutor Michael Grice adds further Qualification Courses to the best training provider you can INVEST in!!!
    Click here for details




    Master Trainers’ are to be the very best of GB Fitness trainers with skills in client appraisal, assessment procedures, program setting and training for many disciplines and goals, nutritional advice and presentation skills. As such all positions are by invite only, and pre-requisite for selection includes having completed the Advanced Gym Instructors course, the Advanced Personal Trainers course, the Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimum Health and well as additional personal skills. The aim of this group of highly skilled and articulate professionals is to inspire and motivate, to educate and progress this industry that is sadly being saturated by ‘quick-fix’ staff that do not lead us into    the future of health … our mission here at GB Fitness is a holistic approach to advancing mind, body and ‘self’ potential.



  • Also now available GB Kick Boxing

    The founder and 3rd Degree Chief Instructor of Aero-Kick, a proud promoter of his sport, Colin has made it his business to gain extensive knowledge using a scientific sporting approach to enhance athletic performance!









Andi Black




  • Andi Black gets awarded an 'Outstanding Achievement Award' by NABBA for dominating the Ms Fitness ranks at the British, World and Universe Championships






Cain escorting Andi Blacks dancers to entertain the crowd at the NABBA Northern Ireland Championships

  • Joanna Reid who made a comeback at the Northern Ireland Ms Figure and has qualified for the Ms Great Britain finals


  • Many of you may have seen Cain on Television quite a lot lately with appearances on BBC1's 'How to Sleep Better', Discovery's 'Body Spectacular' and Bravo's 'All About Men'. Short video clips will be up on the site soon to see 'LEATHEL LEATHEM' in action!!
    • Cain is a key speaker at the 'Overfed and Undernourished' Conference regarding the state of health and poor nutrition in children. This conference is organised by the British Association for Nutritional Therapy and is set to educate health professionals, nutritionists, teachers and policy makers in the problems facing us in the form of child obesity and lack of activity. Let us hope the situation soon improves before we have an epidemic of related health issues that could prove fatal to our youth!


  • 2004 has been an amazing year for me, having the privilege of working with some great clients... leading to one of the best years to date for results. These include:
  • Andi Black winning:Andi Black and Cain
    •  N.A.B.B.A. Miss Fitness Northern Ireland
    • N.A.B.B.A. Miss Fitness Great Britain
    • N.P.A. Yorkshire Miss Trained Figure, best presentation award and overall female champion
    • E.F.B.B. Miss Fitness North West champion
    •  W.F.F Miss Universe
    • N.A.B.B.A Miss Fitness Universe
    • N.P.A. British Champion Trained Figure, best presentation award and overall female British champion
    • U.I.B.B.N. World Champion Body Fitness


Kirsty Kent




  • Kirsty Kent winning:

    • NPA UK Championships

    • NPA British Championships

    • UIBBN World Championships




  • Sharon Clare winning:
    • BNBF British Championships

    Sharon Clare


  • Corrina Martin winning:Corrina and Trophies
    • NABBA Miss Figure Midlands Winner 2004
    • NABBA Miss Figure Great Britain Runner Up 2004
    • EPF Miss Trained Figure UK 2004
    • IBFA Miss Trained Figure International Runner Up and Best Presentation Winner


  • Darren Gumbs:Adele Gibbon Ms UK Overall Champion 2003 and 2004
    • 2nd place at the British Junior Championships
    • 5th place at the World Junior Championships


  • Adele Gibbon:
    • NPA Ms Figure UK and Overall Female Champion 2005

    ...and many more successes including 1st Timers MR Great Britain Serwan Ali!



    Thank you girls and guys for your faith.

    Team GB Fitness

    And my lil' team of helpers at the Mr/Ms Universe contest... Brett- YOU are next!!


  • Stephen Smith - World IBF Boxing Champion - One of my latest students who has secured a position as a Personal Trainer at a large Health Club only 2 weeks after successfully completing the Advanced Gym Instructors course. He is coming back to complete his Diploma in Advanced Nutrition and expand his training knolwedge on the Advanced Personal Trainers course...THE BEST ARE TRAINED BY THE BEST!!



  • Just a look at a before and after of wee Davie White in Scotland who came 2nd at the quality BNBF Scottish Championships. He will be taking some time off now to build up and looks to surprise people when we put him back on stage in 2005!!
Davie pre diet
  • I visited the large FIBO fitness and bodybuilding exhibition this year in Essen, Germany. I want to send a big "thank you" to Stephan and his team at the All Stars stand for looking after us so well. Here are a few snapshots of what you can expect to find if you go and take a look next year...
 the girls at the ALL STARS stand take great care of you!

 powerlifting phenomonen Markus Schick set a world record lift of 600lbs!!

 myself, Gary Phillips, Simon Fan and Stephan of All Stars unwind after a long day
 Ms. Fitness Olympia star Monica Brant insisted on a photo with me(!?)
  •  Diploma in Advanced Nutrition the new Diploma in Advanced Nutrition has just finished...lots of work for the students (with a 47,000 manual to learn!!) but the course now sets a new standard by being recognised and endorsed by the F.I.A., N.R.P.T., B.C.M.A. and numerous supplement companies accepting it as a very high quality qualification whereby the successful students can deal direct with Solgar, Higher Nature, Lamberts and Savant Distribution amoung others. Do you want the best??? Are you willing to study hard??? Then give me a call for details on future courses...07961 346461

  • Courses held throughout the year in Gym Instruction, Personal Training and Nutritional Qualifications. book now!

  • Workshops and seminars - to be held continually throughout the year at various health clubs etc. Call for one near you, or better still ask about how to stage one!

  • A new study shows that 44% of all men and 33% of all women in the UK are overweight - are you one of these? Do you want to change that??

There are many more seminars planned - please call for details, or to book one for yourself!!

Everything that can be invented already has been
This statement was released in 1899 by the U.S. Patent Office. If these "Experts" ran the world we would still be sitting in the dark.


CAIN ON TV: 'How to Sleep Better' 8pm BBC1 Feb 2nd 2005

GB Muscle at
The Worldwide Exhibition
Frankfurt, Germany
April 8-10, 2003
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